Deeply committed to organizational modernity and customized client service.

The foundation of CAZ Law Firm was based on an ideal: to provide the best legal assistance in the criminal area. It is under this commitment that our office has been representing, since 2010, individuals and corporations on a wide range of matters involving Criminal Law. In an increasingly dynamic and globalized world, the lawyer of modern days must be prepared to deal with highly complex situations, which often requires an interdisciplinary and up to date knowledge. Nowadays, the most important quality of a lawyer is the ability to identify innovative solutions in a quick and efficient manner, presenting them in a simplified language to the client. CAZ Law Firm has developed a working system that combines the organizational capacity of big firms with a highly customized service only made possible by smaller offices. As well as being prepared to handle large scale and highly complex demands, the firm and its professionals are committed to a more close and human relationship with its clients, in which they can maintain a direct and unrestricted contact with a lawyer they can trust. The main feature of our firm is the constant technical improvement of its professionals, who are also very well placed in the academic area. The encouragement of discussions and exchange of ideas between lawyers of different characters provides a rich and plural vision about the cases, which is always reversed to the benefit of the clients.

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