Expertise Areas

The CAZ Law Firm is exclusively dedicated to the criminal area, with emphasis on White Collar Crimes (tax crimes, financial crimes, crimes against consumer relations, money-laundering crimes, among others). There are mainly two different work models that are developed by the firm. On one hand, the firm represents individuals and corporations in criminal litigation. Whether in defense or prosecution, CAZ Law Firm’s professionals act starting from police investigations up to the Brazilian Supreme Courts. Our structure is developed in a way that enables a daily follow up of cases throughout the country, allowing the clients to always be aware of the latest updates on their cases. On the other hand, CAZ Law Firm provides preventive consultancy and compliance advice in the criminal area. The increasing criminalization of conducts that were disregarded by the legislation in the past requires that the companies adapt themselves to a stricter corporate governance. In that scenario, the lawyer must identify the red flags within the companies and propose any necessary changes in the business structure, all with the purpose of preventing criminal liability of its directors and employees. Regardless of the work model, the firm maintains a very discreet and confidential relation with its clients, all in order to preserve their image.

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