Our method

We advise our clients since the beginning of the case, acting strategically, with technique, dynamism, transparency, in a relationship of trust that is essential to obtain the best results. 

Our team focuses on three areas:


With extensive experience in the major criminal operations of the last decade (Banco Santos, Satiagraha and Lava Jato), as well as in issues directly linked to companies’ day-to-day operations, CAZ’s team is prepared to represent clients in urgent cases, including investigations and criminal claims by the  Prosecution Office, Federal Police and criminal courts within Brazil.


Representation in criminal proceedings

We act for companies and individuals in criminal litigation procedures, whether in defense or assisting the prosecution, since the initial investigations up to the  the Superior Courts.

Support for companies and executives

Our commitment is to solve cases with minimal impact to the companies daily activities and their reputation.

Repetitive litigations

CAZ has a dedicated team to work on repetitive litigation and solve high-volume business problems. Our approach is always strategic, to reduce risks and the number of current and future cases.


CAZ offers full advise companies in the implementation of compliance programs, according to Anti-Corruption Laws and other legal standards. We help our clients in identifying potential business risks and minimize damages.


Compliance programs

We develop customized and complete projects from diagnosis to implementation, including the creation of conduct manuals, internal policies, and personalized anti-corruption training for C-Level and legal executives

Adequacy and implementation

We provide advisory for companies that need to adapt their compliance programs to ensure their effective application, adapt international standards and procedures to our Brazilian legal framework, or that are concerned about adapting to new national or international standards.

Creation and monitoring of hot-lines for questions and complaints

We develop criteria and forms to create and then filter and monitor hot-lines and reporting channels.

Consultancy in corporate governance

We carry out consultancy and assessments to identify risks within companies, propose changes and prevent possible criminal liability of executives and employees, considering the increasingly strict standards of conduct that were previously disregarded by Brazilian criminal legislation .


Internal corporate investigations have become an important instrument to determine responsibility for possible misconduct within companies. Our team has unique experience in the area, having worked on several complex corporate investigation cases, combining technical knowledge of the criminal area with its own dynamic methodology to engage in these investigations.


Compliance with Brazilian legislation

We carry out internal investigations in strict compliance with Brazilian's legal system. Despite the fact that internal investigations originally started in the USA, we understand that these investigations need to abide to all Brazilian rules regarding attorney-client privilege, inadmissible evidence, etc.

Cooperation with Technical Assistants

Most corporate investigations involve the participation of companies specialized in collecting, indexing and storing sensitive data. The firm maintains a partnership with several technical assistants, to provide the client with an efficient and adequate result in facts investigation.

Know-how in interviews

Our experience of years in criminal area has assisted our lawyers in the preparation and execution of interviews related to internal investigations.

Areas of expertise

We work in all areas of Criminal Law, focusing on Economic Criminal Law

tax law

(tax evasion)

Financial and capital market

Consumer Crimes

Environmental crimes

Public Bidding crimes

Internal and external business frauds

Corruption crimes and other crimes against public administration

Money laundering crimes