Internal compliance

CAZ Advogados has a complete program supervised by an internal committee.

The committee watches over program effectiveness and promotes periodic internal training on the most diverse topics related to ethics and compliance with criminal law standards.

To contact the committee, send a message to Emails sent are received simultaneously by all members and we ensure absolute communication confidentiality.

Especially in the last decade, the increase of new standards and the sophistication of instruments to fight economic criminality, have made criminal consultancy indispensable for companies operating in Brazil. At the same time, this scenario has created the need for interface with several other Law areas, including tax, environmental and competition.

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CESA “Gender Equality” Recognition

CAZ Advogados is proud to be part of the community of law firms recognized by the CESA “Gender Equality” survey, which acknowledges actions and policies for the inclusion and appreciation of women in the legal market.